The Embarasing Story About My Kennel

Okay so I decided I should tell this story and get it over with cause its embarasing but it kinda explains why Mummy and Daddy made me a fancy kennel but I never used it.

So a long time ago when Old Lady Dawg wuz still around Mummy and Daddy wanted to leave me and Old Lady Dawg at home alones for a WHOLE DAY yes a whole day including early morning and late night time. Omigosh can you believe what an awful idea.

So anyways Mummy sed well the dawgs have to go outsides and go potty like four times a day so we cant just leave them any old time. And so Mummy and Daddy decided to build these big old kennels outsides in our big yard so they could leave us in them all day long while they were gone.

I don’t reely have a pitcher of these kennels frum when they wuz built but I have a pitcher of one of the kennels that the chicken is living in now.

So yeah you can see these were pretty big kennels.

Well anyways then Mummy started leaving me in one and Old Lady Dawg in the other for short times then longer times then longer times she sed to get us acustomed to them but I cried and cried and cried the whole time cause I jest wanted to be with Mummy no matter what.

Then finally in early morning one day Mummy sed today is the big day and she putted us out in our kennels and then I herd Mummy’s car drive away!! Well I cried a lot and then much later in the day I finally sed okay I will jest go to the back door and mebbe Daddy will let me in (I didnt know Daddy wuz in Mummys car).

So I pushed and pulled on the walls until I found a tiny little hole at the bottom and I fit my head through it and then I squeezed through it jest like that. And the naybors wuz watching me over the fence and the nice naybor lady called fer me but I wasnt intrested in her I jest wanted insides my house! So I went to the back door and cried and cried but nobody opened that door so I went to the side door and cried but nobody opened that door too. So I went back and forth and meanwhile the nice naybor lady wuz talking on a thang called a fone (sumtimes Mummy puts it to my ear and I can hear Daddys voice even tho I cant see him).

Well turns out the naybor lady called my Mummy. But my Mummy was far far away and couldnt come let me insides so after a little while my Unkle Eddy showed up and boy wuz I glad to see him and he let me and Old Lady Dog insides!

Mummy sed she doesnt know how I fit through the tiny hole cause she couldnt even get her hand through it and the naybor sed she would never have beleeved it if she hadnt seen it herself cause Im a big big dawg. I wuz kinda proud of myself fer figgering it out but Mummy sed oh Dozer you bad dawg why cant you be more like Old Lady Dawg she wuz calm and quiet and didnt escape! But then she sed but you were good too cause you didnt run away down the street you jest stayed near the back door.

Then Daddy sed I guess Dozer is reely an inside dawg no matter what huh and Mummy sed darn we will never get to have a day trip without getting sumone to babysit Dozer!

And that wuz the last time that I ever had to be in that kennel. And I think that wuz also the last time Mummy and Daddy went away for a whole day.


4 Responses

  1. That was so clever, Dozer! And good for you for staying in the yard. The Girl gets quite INSANE if I ever leave the yard by myself.

    I too can fit through tiny holes that no one would ever suspect. The cats have a cat door into the roommate’s bedroom, and it looks much smaller than my head. But I can make my head fit through it! I really, really just WANT A CAT.

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl

  2. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is an amayzing storry of eskayp and howse reentry yoo ar an inspirayshun to all us dogs!!!! ok bye

  3. Dozer, you are SMART! I think staying inside is the best, anyway. Why would your mom or dad ever need to leave for more than 30 minutes at a time, anyway?

  4. Well thats not embarassing! Its magic!

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