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Another Unplesant Development

Well on top of lerning that my Mummy and Daddy are leaving me sumday who knows when… now I have a new rival for Mummys luv! Youll never guess wut it is and you wouldnt beleeve me if I told you so Ill show you.

Yep thats right its a baby chicken!! Mummy sez she has to hold it everyday so it will luv her and not run away but I knows the truth which is that she kinda likes the chicken. Well she showed the chicken to me and I sniffed it cause I am polite as a Very Good Dawg should be but that dont mean I likes the chicken so mostly Im just ignoring it.

Anyways Im very used to all kinds of animals being insides and outsides the house cause Daddy is a sucker (sez Mummy) and he saves all sorts of animals and brings them home so Mummy can give them a nice life like the nice life that I has. Usually its just temporary until the animal gets all better and then Mummy finds it a home which is good cause Im obviously the one she luvs the most and she wants to devote all her time to luvving me. But theres nothing wrong with this chicken it wuz just lost in the naybors yard so I wonder why its still here.

Ive had to live with dawgs cats ducks pigeons snakes lizards and even a blue jay and none of them stole Mummys luv so Im probably pretty safe with this baby chicken even if Mummy does pet it a lot. Im just kinda jellous is all.


6 Responses

  1. Do not worry, Dozer, I am certain that your mom will always love you best!

  2. Dozer, your mom will always love you more than anybody else! You are a very good dog to be so tolerant of the animals that pass through your house, and you are part of them finding a good life. (That’s what The Girl told me to write.)

    I, Dannan, think that your momma loves you best because mommas always love their doggies best! Don’t worry, bud, you’ve got the biggest place in her heart!

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl

  3. Oops our last comment came under The Girl’s own blog. *this* one is from MY blog.

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl

  4. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is not a chicken i hav seen chickens and they come in packajs frum the soopermarkt so i am not shoor wot is going on but i think sumbuddy is trying to con yoo ok bye

  5. My minion, like your mummy, takes care of lots of different animals. She comes home smelling like chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, cows, rabbits, and even pigs! She doesn’t even have the decency to wash up! Sometimes she even brings them home – one time she had a piglet to take care of and the darn thing had to be fed every hour.

    I’m pretty sure your mummy won’t stop loving you, but you should be extra adorable and maybe follow her everywhere…just so she knows.

    (You could also eat the chicken. My minion says that’s probably not a good idea, though. Whatever).

  6. Poor little chicken! Good thing your momma found it and rescued it befoire it became a Chiken Strip, which is my favorite snack. But don’t tell that cute little chicken cuz he might not like to think about that. maybe when he gets big he will lay you some eggs and you can make an omelet! Your momma loves you extra because you are nice to the little chicken and love it too!

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