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I Know Whats Up

Mummy and Daddy are going away. I can tell cause sertain thangs have been happening like they do before sumbody goes away fer a while. But Im a little worried cause usually only one of them goes away but this time both of them are doing goaway thangs!

First of all the house is very very clean and Gramma keeps coming over and Mummy tells her stuff about me and Gramma does thangs like let me outsides to potty. Well I know thats not right cause Gramma usually only comes over to play with me thats all.

Second of all Mummy keeps brushing me and she washed my beds and keeps sayin Im gonna get a bathies before they go. Well if they wuz just goin to the store or sumthang then why would she say that.

And third of all a little while ago Mummy and Daddy brought home some more of them travel boxes where people put their clothes when they go away. They already have two of them boxes but I guess thats not enough this time. Once I got in one of them boxes and Mummy laffed but then Daddy sed hey dont hell get hair on my clothes. They havent put any clothes in the boxes yet so I wonder when this is gonna happen?

Anyways the whole thang makes me nervous. I like Gramma but I reely luv my Mummy and Daddy!


4 Responses

  1. Oh noes! My Mommie has been gone since Wednesday and she will not be home until next Wednesday. It makes me sad. But Grammas are nice.

  2. Dozer, I hate it when The Girl starts to do stuff like that, too. Especially when those travel boxes come out and she starts putting stuff in them. She always tells me that she’s coming back, that she always comes back to me, but I get scared. What if this time is different? I usually get to stay with my pack (Roomie, two MinPins and the two cats), but I love The Girl best of all! I hope your people don’t go for very long!

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl

  3. Oh Oh. Maybe they will only be gone one night and bring you back lots of presents!!

  4. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay gosh it sownds like sumthing nefaryus is afut tucker tells me the last time my mama and dada did stuf like that they wer gawn for too weeks!!!!! i can hardly imajin it ok bye

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