I Helps My Mummy

Yesterdays Mummy gotted a new compooter which spells lotsa booooooringness fer me. She did lotsa thangs to the compooter yesterdays and gosh she is doing even more thangs to it todays.

Cleerly this ment she forgetted about me so I decided to help her with her work so she would luv me alot.

Um hello??

A little closer mebbe...

A little closer mebbe...

At least Im touching her leg. Gosh I love Mummy.

At least Im touching her leg. Gosh I love Mummy.

But good gosh can you believe even after I wuz so helpful she never did say thank you. Thats ok tho cause she did give me lotsa hugs and kisses and stuff specially when I started using Pathetik Face on her.


2 Responses

  1. No one can resist the Pathetik Face, especially not a Mummy!

  2. Wow you are very good at that face! I notice you have freckles on your nose tooo! I wonder if we are related?

    Dozer sez: Well my Mummy sez I have one sister who used to be named Olive and wuz adopted from the Austin pound jest like me. I don’t know where she is now but I think mebbe she had a big brown spot on her. I dont see a brown spot on you so probably youre not her but youre probably prettier cause after all you look like me and I am adorabull.

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