Sulky Sunday

Well yesterday wuz no funs at all cause Daddy worked all day and Mummy sat at her compooter all day and then when it was later and Daddy came homes and I wuz ready to play ball then they just left me! When they came homes finally it wuz dark outsides and I wuz hungree and then I got foodies and then we all went night night. So todays Im sulky cause I am so bored.

Here is my sulky face.



And here Im licking the carpet for no partikular reason.

Yum yum carpet.

Yum yum carpet.

Take that you mean Mummy and Daddy. You shoulda done sumthang fun with me insted of leaving me alone at homes!


3 Responses

  1. Tucker has been known to lick the carpet. Usually this means that somebody dropped a piece of pepperoni there in 1998 and he can still taste it.

  2. You might have to make up your own fun when you are all alone. Like tear some things all up! That would be tons of fun!

  3. dear dozer, sometimes moms get very busy and have to leave you by your selves. not often though. tonight my mom got busy and left me and the terrorists and when they got home it was too late for ball. and it was too hot earlier. oh well tomorrw i will get lots of walkies and balls!

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