My Daddys Favrite Shirt

My Daddy has a favrite shirt that he wears almost everyday it is so worned out that shhh dont tell but Mummy is gonna get him a new one fer his birfday.

Guess why its his favrite shirt???? Here Ill give you a hint:

This is my Daddys favrite shirt!

This is my Daddys favrite shirt!

Of course Daddy luvs me more than that shirt but he dont take me to work praktically everyday like he does that shirt! I spose its cause if he tooked me to work nobuddy would get any work done cause they would be luvvin on me all days cause Im so dang cute. So its probably fer the best that he takes the shirt and not me. Yep.

4 Responses

  1. wow, mom sez she likes thi shirt very much and would like to know if she can buy one on the web? can you ask your momma to send my momma the address please?

  2. That is a very neat-o shirt!

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay maybe if yoo wer to lie in the drawer where your dada keeps that shirt he wood tayk yoo to work by mistayk it is worth a try eh???? ok bye

  4. Hi Dozer, I would suggest curling up on the shirt, so that your dad confuses you for the pit bull on the shirt. Then he’ll just wear you to work – it would add a whole new meaning to “Take your dog to work” day.

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