My Mummys voice

Yes Mummy Im listening

Yes Mummy Im listening

I luv my Mummys voice she sounds like an angel even when she is saying something I dont really understand. She has a speshull voice just for me that is sweet and lovely. She sez Dozer aw you are sooo cute. Sometimes she laffs which means I did something good and she sez oh Dozer you are the dummest dumdum dawg ever I luv you silly dawg! Well Im not sure what dum means but since she is using that sweet voice when she sez it it must be something good.

Sometimes she uses an angree voice which Daddy sez sounds like a harpee screeching whatever that means. When I hear her angree voice I always runs into another room. I dont like her angree voice but she hardly never sez angree things to me cause Im always a good dog and always so cute. Plus she is a sucker for my cuteness. I guess Daddy is not cute enough cause she uses the angree voice on him a lot more and he cant run away or give her a cute face to make her laff.

Mummy doesnt never spank me not even if Im bad. But I dont really have any time to be bad cause Mummy is always watching me. If I am gonna do something wrong she says uh uh Dozer you may not. Then I dont do it cause Mummy sed not to. Mummy sez Im so good because Im old and she sez age makes me experienced with the rules and also too slow to cause trouble. But really I am good because I luv Mummys sweet voice and treats too.

Mummy sez all dawgs that are good like me live in houses with rules and Mummys and Daddys that pays atenshun to their dawgs. I knows there are sad dawgs that dont live in houses and also whose Mummys and Daddys dont pay no atenshun to them never cause we have some of those dawgs living next door. But I doesnt cares about them. I cares about my toys and my Mummy only.

Mummy sez Im a selfish jerk whatever that means but she sez it using her sweet voice.


2 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog arnt mamas grate????? ok bye

  2. oh dozer, we love our mamma alot too. i wish you could help those dogs next door that dont have a momma that loves them.

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