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I dont miss her

Mummy what about me?

Mummy what about me?

My Mummy pulled a collar out of a drawer and for a minnute I thought it wuz mine and then I sniffed it and by golly it was the collar from that old lady dawg that went to Hebbun a whiles ago. So first I thought mebbe Mummy is pulling the collar out cause that old lady dawg is gonna come back from Hebbun and she will need her collar unless she just had a bathies in which case she has to dry off first.

Then Mummy went outsides for sum reason with the collar and she left me insides. Well of course I started to cry cause she leaved me insides while outsides I am sure she wuz having funs with the old lady dawg! I bet they wuz going on a ride in the car and playing with a toy and going on a walkies and all kinds of fun stuff. I cried real loud until finally Mummy camed back in but she didnt bring the old lady dawg so I guess Ill have to see that old lady dawg some other time.

Mummy sed aw Dozer why you crying are you sad cause you saw Fel Fels collar do you miss her me too.

Well shore I wuz sad Mummy but not cause of that old lady dawg. Its cause you went outsides and had lots and lots of fun without me!!


3 Responses

  1. dozer, feifei is always there with your mamma, you just cant see her!

  2. She is wut?!?! Dang does this mean I still gots to share my Mummy with that old lady dawg only now I cant push her out of the ways when she is gettin all the pettings? Though mebbe this explains why my Mummy talks to nobuddy sometimes…

  3. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay my mama is always going owt and havng fun withowt me too i woodnt think that wuz possibul but she still duz it i am considering a boycot on cuddels and smoochums until she stops but i no i cud never hold owt that long oh well i am not cut owt for this aktivizm thing ok bye

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