Gosh I cant get the mail peoples to leave my Mummys paper box alone!

Gosh I cant get the mail peoples to leave my Mummys paper box alone!

Ohmigosh a suspishus woman drived the white car and touched my Mummys paper box today! I was so suprised I didnt even bark. So even though in the past I skeered the mailman but now it seems theres lots of suspishus peoples to touch the box so even if I bark everyday and skeer them all therell still be more and more. Plus Mummy looked out the window with me and sed oh yay the mailmans here (yes I know it was a mailwoman but Mummy just says mailman even if it is a woman) and she petted me and tolled me I wuz a good dog for not barking and she waved her hand at the mailwoman too like she waves at my gramma and my Daddy and the peoples next door and other peoples she likes. So anyways now I think I wont bark anymore or maybe just bark real quiet cause I still think peoples who touch my Mummys stuff is suspishus and maybe one day Mummy will say oh Dozer you wuz right about that bad mail person he or she messed up my special paper box if only I had listened to you here is a treat for being so cute and perfect.

I knows when to trust peoples cause I am friends with anybodys who throw balls for me to catch. Also I am friends with peoples who give me treats especially when Mummy takes me to a place called a bank drive thru sometimes I get yummy treats from bank peoples. And none of those suspicious mail peoples do not do anything nice for me so they must be up to no good.


2 Responses

  1. Careful about treats from the bank. Those may be just loans that you have to pay back with adjustable interest rates. After one or two treats, the bank might want you to give them back five treats and a squeak toy!

  2. maybe we should have our mailman come to your house so u dont have to worry!

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