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Bye bye fence

Heres the old fence and yes thats a potty on the right but the naybors dont never use it
Heres the old fence and yes thats a potty on the right
but the naybors dont never use it

Well aparently Daddy didnt luv the naybors fence cause today him and Unkle Eddy tored it down. Mummy tells me it wuz a fence in name only cause it really didnt fence nothing in or out. I knows thats true cause a few times Ive stuck my head over into the naybors yard to see whats over there and Mummy sed no sir Dozer you dont never do that.

But I reely couldnt help it cause my ball rolled over there and I wanted it back and there wasnt nothing stoppin me from getting it cept what Mummy sed to me. Anyways Im always a good boy so I didnt go over there and Mummy walked over and gotted the ball back for me. Mummy always goes outsides with me and dont never leave me alone specially not after that embarasing incident with the kennels which I will tell that story another time.

I gotted to play outsides almost all day and it wuz fun to hang out with Daddy and Unkle Eddy and also my grampa who wuz there to dig in the dirt for sum reason. Since it wuz so hot outsides Mummy turned on the water spray thing she sez so I could cool off but honestlee I think she really jus wanted to give me a bathies outsides. But as I sed Im always a good boy so I pretended to enjoys the water so Mummy would think Im super cute.

It wuz fun times but after that I wuz all wet and Mummy made me stay outsides until I wuz dryed off which didnt take too long cause boy wuz it hot hot hot outsides.


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