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Mummy theres a suspishus man!

Mummy theres a suspishus man!

Today Mummy left the curtain open and said enjoy some sun and I sawed a strange man in a little white car touching that mysterious box in the front yard. Well I know Mummy and Daddy luv that box cause they go out there every day to look at it and sometimes it gives them papers that they put through a noisy machine to make tiny paper pieces.

So I tolled Mummy hey Mummy look at that man looking at your special paper box dont worry Ill scare him away from it! And gosh Mummy wasnt happy she said Dozer dont bark you dummy thats just the mailman and hes gonna go away in a minute even if you dont bark. Well I thought fine maybe so but Im gonna growl real quiet anyways and you wait and see if my terrible growl dont scare that mailman off for good! I bet he wont come back ever again!

Well Mummy sure pretended like she didnt care about that suspishus mailman but after the mailman was gone I saw her went out and check on her special paper box just to be sure he didnt mess it up.


2 Responses

  1. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay we hav wun of those paper bokses owtside of owr howse too and evidently mama and dada arnt that impressd with it becuz the stranj persun in the funny car is always eether putting other peepels papers in mama and dadas slot or putting mama and dadas papers into sumbuddy elses slot but oh well their ar lots of papers to be put away so wot can yoo ekspekt???? ok bye

  2. we have a paper box too. the man who puts papers in it is called a mailman. he lives across the street fom us. so we dont worry when he puts papers in it, cuz he is our friend.

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