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I Luv Mummys Car

Today I getted to go for not one but two rides in Mummys car which wuz a big suprize for me cause somtimes I only get one ride and mostly no rides. I luv Mummys car cause it is a pretty big one tho not as big as Daddys truck but Daddys truck is always full of stuff he calls tools and also he has lots of garbage I know this cause one time I rode in it and it smelld funny and I smelld the garbage and Mummy said yukky Dozer dont put yer nose there yukky. Then Mummy made Daddy put the garbage in the big green garbage bucket outside before we left. Mummy calls Daddy a slob but he doesnt come home till reely late sometimes and she sez its cause he works hard all day.

Anyways I rided two times today. One time we went to a place where Mummy drops off lots of papers which is good cause she looks at those papers all day and dont pay atension to me. Sometimes she brings back new papers but not today she sed she is taking a break and I know what that means cause she tells me to take a break when I play with my toys until Im tired. Then the next time in the car we went to a food place where Mummy got some food but she didnt get nothing fer me! Also she letted me sit in the front for a litle ways so the cold air blowed on me real good. And one time I forgetted the rule that Im supposed to sit down while the car is moving so Mummy said sit so I did sit but I sitted on an empty water bottle and it poked my behind so I had to move over. I wish Mummy would clean her car soon cause theres papers and garbage in there but not as much as Daddys truck.

After the rides Mummy ate her food and I wuz just trying to get a little sniff cause it smelld good but Mummy accused me of begging can you beleeve that? I dont need to beg cause Im so dang cute I can get whatever I want just by looking cute. The end Dozer sez.

Im just looking is all

Im just looking is all


3 Responses

  1. Hi Dozer! It is very nice to meet you. I know Daisy the dog and Dennis, too! That sammich looks mighty delicious.

  2. hello dozer its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav fownd that if their ar lots of paperz and stuff scatterd arownd in mamas car then sumtimes i can find fud berried underneeth its wurth a luk oh and i can send tucker ovr to teech yoo how to steel fud rite owt frum under yore mamas nose if yoo want ha ha ok bye

  3. that sammich looks good. did you get a taste? sometimes i get a yasye if i am good and dont beg.

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